Junee Community Expo March 2015
Junee Community Expo
March 2015

Useful and Interesting Links

Links to various organisations that promote, support, or regularly utilise the Athenium Theatre.

  • Junee Shire Council
    The owners of the Athenium Theatre, Junee
  • You, Me and Junee
    Discover what’s available for visitors to Junee
  • Junee Rhythm n Rail Festival
    Annual Festival held during the Second Weekend of March that holds various events at the Athenium over the Festival Weekend
  • Struan Timms Photography
    Local Junee Photographer who has captured many of the events that have occurred at the Athenium
  • Junee Band
    A community band made up of instrumentalists who live in and around Junee and get together to enjoy playing music. The Band practices in the Athenium and gives regular performances at the Theatre
  • Junee Choir
    A community choir that calls the Athenium Theatre “Home” and regularly collaborates with the Junee Band
  • So Dance Junee
    A studio dedicated to sharing and nurturing a love of dance, movement and FUN! So Dance utilises the theatre as a Practice Space and regularly performs at the Athenium
  • Junee Southern Cross
    Junee’s local Fairfax newspaper that regularly covers events occurring at the Athenium Theatre and other relevant stories (A Paid Subscription is now required to read articles online)
  • Creative Regional Productions
    A professional sound and lighting company that understands and appreciates the performance space at the Athenium Theatre