The Grand Piano bathed in light (note the rainbow reflection) Athenium Theatre, Junee. Photo by Ben O'Malley
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Highlights from The Dish (July 2019)

New Profile Spotlights focussed on the microphone stand Athenium Theatre, Junee. Photo by Ben O'Malley
New Profile Spotlights focussed on the microphone stand
Athenium Theatre, Junee.
Photo by Ben O’Malley
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, on Friday July 19 and Saturday July 20, 2019, the classic Australian movie, The Dish, was shown at the Athenium Theatre, Junee as a morning matinee and then again as evening screening.

In addition to the main feature, the Theatre’s Grand Piano was showcased and two old fashioned news reels from 1970 featuring the opening of the (then) new radio telescope at Ceduna and then the Royal Visit were shown prior to the Main Feature. Short introductory speeches were held. On Saturday evening a slide reminding patrons to ‘turn phones off’ and an animated advertisement promoting the Junee Shire projects up for voting under the My Community Project fund were also shown at the beginning of the screenings.

The events were also used to put the new AV systems to the test. On Friday, the ‘Basic’ audio visual system was predominantly used to run the event by John McLaren and Loren West. On Saturday evening, David Johnson and Nicholas Pyers put the ‘Advanced’ system through its’ paces utilising the full audio mixer, multiple video inputs from a computer and an extra BluRay player, and the lighting controller.

For the Friday matinee, the new profile spotlights were used to highlight the Theatre’s Grand Piano on stage, whilst music played as patrons entered the building. On Saturday evening the Fresnel lights were used to light the stalls (downstairs) and dress circle (upstairs), creating an atmospheric mood as guests entered the main Theatre. The piano, on stage, was washed with coloured lights (see above for the amazing refraction of coloured lights off the piano), and the profile spotlights were trained on the microphone area.

The Friends of the Athenium provided Morning Tea and Supper for the events, with a range of biscuits and cake, served with tea and coffee. Saturday evening also saw freshly popped Popcorn and cold drinks available for purchase. Some of homemade biscuits were in the shape of the moon, stars and comets and there was even a plate that spelt out “The Dish”.

Overall, two very successful movie events at the Athenium Theatre that showcased the potential of the new Audio Visual systems that have recently been installed — the audio and video quality is vastly improved over the portable equipment previously used.


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